Common Blood Tests for Managing HIV

Date: January 2010 A summary of HIV tests which to help inform treatment decisions

Gay men's guide to sexual health checks

Date: July 2009; Sexual health checks are simple and painless. If you go to a sexual health clinic the testing will be free, if you go to a doctor there may be a charge unless the doctor bulk bills.

HIV and STIs Testing Services at WAAC – an Overview

A summary of the services provided by WAAC, specifically the M Clinic, a new HIV and STIs testing service for gay and other MSM. The model of care provided by this clinic helped to inform the review and inclusion of point of care testing into the 2011 National HIV Testing Policy.

Information for Heterosexual People Living with HIV

Date: January 2010; This fact sheet is designed to provide you with some basic information, to tell you where to find out more, and let you know where to go for support.

Information on adherence and hints to help manage your HIV medications

Date: July 2009; Information on adherence and hints to help manage your HIV medications

Next Steps

Date: November 2008 This booklet details how the virus affects your body, offers advice on how to manage your life as an HIV positive person and provides suggestions on how to make decisions around treatments, sex, telling people and your legal rights.

State and Territory HIV Organisations and Services

Date: July 2009; Referral and contact details for HIV organisations

The Importance of Giving up Smoking for People Living with HIV

Date: December 2010; This factsheet is designed to inform people living with HIV (PLHIV) of the particular impact smoking can have on your health, and provide you with some tools to assist you in giving up and remaining ‘smoke free’ for the rest of your life



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