National HIV Testing Policy

The National HIV Testing Policy 2011 version 1.0 has been endorsed by BBVSS of the AHPPC and will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Expert Reference Committee.

The first review was held in November 2011. The second review was held in November 2012  resulting in the production of version 1.2. A review of section 4 Informed Consent for Testing resulted in the production of version 1.3 in April 2013.

The National HIV Testing Policy 2017 has been adopted by the ASHM Board in February 2017.
The policy is undergoing an internal review to identify any areas for further updating or addition, given the time delay since the current revision was completed and made available.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Types of HIV Testing
3.0 Indications for HIV Testing
4.0 Informed consent for HIV testing
5.0 Conveying HIV test results
6.0 Surveillance and Research
7.0 Testing in Specific Populations
8.0 Quality assurance of in-vitro devices (IVDs) for HIV testing
9.0 Funding of HIV testing

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Download the new ASHM National HIV Testing Policy 2017 now available in PDF here.



Development of this site and the 2014 and 2017 revisions of the testing policies was supported by: Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing