9.0 Funding of HIV testing

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The MSAC is responsible for the determination of any MBS reimbursement for any HIV laboratory, rapid HIV test for use at point-of-care or rapid HIV test for self-testing, as well as any sample collection device. Funding for laboratory based anti-HIV screening assays (up-to 4th generation tests) is available as a subsidy through the MBS. Confirmatory and supplementary tests used to confirm initial screening test reactivity (such as western blot) are not funded. States and Territories and other organisations may negotiate the purchase of tests and sample collection devices which have been entered on the ARTG for use in their testing and public health programs. Unregistered tests and sample collection devices can be used for research purposes in line with the TGA conditions.

In some situations it may be appropriate to make de-identified testing available free of charge to the individual being tested to ensure that individuals at high risk of HIV infection access and consent to testing.


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